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Better visualize data to drive decisions and strategies

Nothing can breathe life into cryptic, raw data like transforming it into illustrated graphs, charts, and tables. Apps located on our online Ignite Marketplace, allow users to choose from a collection of pre-built, configurable visualization applications to:

Easily produce graphs, charts, and tables for actionable data analysis -- via phone, tablet or laptop
Provide executives, risk managers, and business analysis with direct access to data for benchmarking, performance, and market insights
Leverage aggregated and anonymous data to help protect against data theft, fraud and regulatory noncompliance
What's New

The Credit Trends Weekly Economic Vitality app delivers dynamic market views of U.S. consumer credit data overlaid with COVID-19 data. The app delivers superior market visibility to help companies:

  • Benchmark and analyze performance
  • Understand changing market drivers
  • Get a current view into current or future territories
  • Quickly pivot market strategies and operations
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Credit Trends Weekly Economy Vitality