Need a unique score? The possibilities are endless

Your business has unique needs, which can mean that “off-the-shelf” models and scores won’t always work. Yet, building customized solutions can quickly turn into a black hole of time, resources, and money.

There’s a revolutionary way to build and models and scores with Equifax Ignite, which offers:

  • Speed to market.  Leverage pre-built models to mix and match variables to design a custom solution.
  • Ability to grow your business with specialized data.  Pinpoint specific risk groups, target audiences and more.
  • A single environment -- no more handoffs to other teams for data or analytic tools.  

This  tailored "Do It For Me" solution uses the many interchangeable data sources and analytic tools within Equifax Ignite,  and our experts work with you to mix and match the most optimal variables and components to create a comprehensive end-to-end solution that targets your distinct business need. 


How It Works




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