A world of data is at your fingertips. We help you put it to good use.

Today there is more data available than ever for credit and lending decisions. Equifax is here to help make data actionable, with a portfolio of innovative analytics solutions that are in a single environment, offer speed to market, and have a feedback loop to help continuously improve on results.   

What makes Equifax Ignite innovative?

  1. Explainable AI.  Only Equifax leverages NeuroDecision® Technology, which delivers explainable neural networks for more predictive results
  2. Keying and Linking. Equifax Ignite can clean and organize your customer and prospect data, when it lives in different places and in different formats within your organization.
  3. Predictive Analytics Your Way.  Whether you need a solution that is DIY or DIFM, Equifax Ignite in a delivers its analytic solutions in single source environment, so models can be built and adjusted in less time and with less effort.

Explainable AI

Keying and Linking

Predictive Analytics

Neural Networks for Credit Decisioning

Take our NeuroDecision® Technology. It’s using next-gen neural networks to provide a better understanding of consumers, including those with flawed or insufficient credit, so businesses can make more inclusive lending decisions that serve a wider audience of customers. Yet, the results are 100 percent explainable to consumers, which also addresses regulatory requirements. Compared to traditional models, this is game-changing.  


We're helping organizations to...


Make better, real-time business decisions with less friction

Build a seamless, connected view of customers across all channels and business lines

Offer more relevant and personalized customer experiences

Better predict and mitigate risk and fraud at every stage of the customer lifecycle

Optimize strategies, outcomes and investments with unique, comprehensive data-driven insights