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A world of data is at your fingertips. We help you put it good use.

In today’s digital world, where big data is multiplying at exponential rates, how can you know where or how to find the best mix of data? More importantly, how do you make it understandable and meaningful, so you can use it to advance your business?

At Equifax, we’re asking these and other tough questions every day, and investing our time and resources to deliver answers. As a result, we’re constantly investing in new innovations that help take data—yours, ours and other third-party resources—to the next level. We’re enabling businesses to clearly and quickly understand the smaller details so they can more easily see the bigger picture.


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Take our NeuroDecision® Technology. It’s using next-gen neural networks to provide a better understanding of consumers, including those with flawed or insufficient credit, so businesses can make more inclusive lending decisions that serve a wider audience of customers. Yet, the results are 100 percent explainable to consumers, which also addresses regulatory requirements. Compared to traditional models, this is game-changing.      

In fact, game-changing is a good way to think about the future. Expect continued innovation as we launch fresh tools and technologies to help transition big data into actionable data.

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We're helping organizations to...


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Make better, real-time business decisions with less friction

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Build a seamless, connected view of customers across all channels and business lines

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Offer more relevant and personalized customer experiences

Ignite - Innovation - Better Predict

Better predict and mitigate risk and fraud at every stage of the customer lifecycle

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Optimize strategies, outcomes and investments with unique, comprehensive data-driven insights

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