Bring Big Data To Life

Nothing can breathe life into cryptic, raw data like transforming it into illustrated graphs, charts and tables.  

Equifax Ignite Apps do exactly that. It’s pre-built applications (apps) that help “bring Big Data to life” with real-time data visualizations that are conveniently accessible  through our online marketplace. The apps can quickly analyze multiple data sources within the Equifax Ignite environment to produce configurable illustrations that clearly highlight trends and issues, and interactive fields and data points that allow you to dig even deeper.

No more waiting on report requests from IT teams or complicated technology systems. With Ignite Apps, executives, risk managers and business analysts can easily visualize changes in business environments anytime from practically anywhere, and get specific, actionable insights and visibility into benchmarking, performance, markets and unique business challenges.

For the strongest security and compliance coverage, all data used within Equifax Ignite Apps is aggregated, anonymous data, not individual-level data. This helps ensure that consumers and your business remains protected at all times from risk related to data theft, fraud and regulatory non-compliance.


How It Works