Get to market—and revenue—faster

Building custom analytic models and scores can be a painfully tedious and protracted process that often involves many different teams and technology environments, and unfortunately, many months.

Now you can push models and scores to market more quickly with Equifax Ignite Direct. It’s a “do-it-yourself” solution that empowers you to create your own models and scores by giving you direct access to data and tools within a single, secure environment for definition, development, validation and operational deployment. That means, instead of several months, you can push models and scores to market even faster. No waiting, or hand-offs to IT. No interpretation mistakes. Instant feedback and iterations.

Think differently with a secure, one-stop shop analytic solution. With Ignite Direct, you get access to our massive 1.5 petabyte Big Data Store that includes 23 different data feeds from eight core exchanges with more than 60 months of history. It also includes our proprietary keying and linking technology which links related data across multiple sources to show you the most complete picture of consumers.

  • Equifax Exchange Data: Wealth and lifestyle insights, employment and income data, alternative data and more
  • Third-Party Data: Demographic data, auto registration and marketing data, property assessment information and more
  • Equifax Transaction Data: Credit data, employment verifications and more
  • External Data: Your customer data, new and unstructured data and more

You also get unmatched security and governance through Ignite Direct, and integrated access to our Insights Workbench, which includes powerful analytic tools to help you easily and efficiently work with multiple data sources, build attributes, deploy models and much more, all within a single environment. 

  • High-speed Apache Hadoop® tools for ad hoc and data manipulation capabilities
  • Nine terabytes of working RAM attached to the Big Data Store for truly integrated SAS capabilities 
  • Ability to develop, test and manage attributes in a single environment and generate C++ and Java versions of attributes for deployment into production
  • Ability to standardize the model development process and associated SAS® programs and more

How It Works