The Permissible Purpose code is required for Insurance companies, brokers for insurance companies, and all resellers.

The End Users Name is the company name of the final recipient of the credit report.

If the entity pulling the file is not using a subscriber code or member number that identifies the end user (final recipient of the credit report), they must also submit the End User Name. For Equifax customers the 'EU' End User segment is required for customers using an "IG", "IL", "IZ" or "ZB" customer number (i.e. 999ZB99999).

Customers using an "IG", "IL" or "IZ" Industry Code are only required to send the appropriate (2-Byte) Permissible Purpose Code (blank-fill 20-byte End Users Name).

Customers using a "ZB" Industry Code must include both the "End Users Name" (20 Bytes) and the applicable (2-Byte) Permissible Purpose code.