Multi-Factor Authentication

Equifax Mortgage Services (EMS) offers multi-factor authentication (MFA) designed to provide strong protection with minimal impact to your day-to-day business operations. 

"By definition, true multi-factor authentication requires the use of solutions from two or more of the three categories of factors. Using multiple solutions from the same category ... would not constitute multi-factor authentication." - U.S. Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) 

The three categories of factors are as follows:

  • Something the user knows – This category includes user ID, password, the answer for a challenge question, visual images, etc. All of these are related to something the user must know to gain access, much like knowing the combination to open a lock.
  • Something the user has – This category includes smart cards, virtual tokens, wireless tokens, etc. Each of these is related to something the user must have to gain access, much like requiring a key to open a lock.
  • Something the user is – This category includes biometric authentication via the user's voiceprint or fingerprint.

EMS provides two different, yet complementary, MFA solutions: IP Security and Multi-Factor End-User Authentication. These solutions may be used in conjunction with one another or may be used separately; however, it is important to note that at least one of these solutions must be implemented:

User Authentication - For end-user level security

IP Security - For features available on your eMortgage account

Important Security Reminder

It is important to immediately terminate access for any person who is no longer affiliated with your company, whose job responsibilities have changed, and/or whose access to eMortgage is no longer appropriate or required. If you have reason to believe that there has been any inappropriate access or the eMortgage user credentials for you or anyone in your company may have been compromised, please contact Equifax immediately at