The IP Security feature allows the customer to specify IP addresses or ranges of IP addresses to be allowed access to their eMortgage account. The customer's eMortgage account supervisor is responsible for defining the IP security parameters. Once the IP security parameters have been established, users may only access their eMortgage account within the confines of the established parameters with the exception of those customers who also employ multi-factor end-user authentication.

In the absence of IP restrictions, Multi-Factor Authentication will automatically be implemented on the account.

Account Usage Restrictions - Optional

EMS provides an additional security feature to further control user access to eMortgage accounts. The eMortgage account supervisor may limit access to users' eMortgage accounts by implementing restrictions to limit access to specific hours and/or specific days of the week. For more information regarding setting up Account Usage restrictions, please reference the eMortgage Security Features Supervisors Guide.

Audit Report - Optional

The audit report provides a log of restricted access attempts. Any inappropriate data access attempts must be reported immediately to EMS at