Login Access

The Equifax eMortgage System requires Internet Explorer 5.5 or above. To access the application, please visit https://emortgagegateway.equifax.com

Members Login Page

You can log on to the application by entering a valid eMortgage user ID and password in the Username and Password text boxes on the left of the Member's Login page and clicking LOGIN.

You should get your user ID and initial password from your account supervisor. The first time you log on to eMortgage, you use the password generated for your user ID by the system. You are automatically sent to the Change Password page to select your own password, along with a hint question and answer in case you forget your password. 

If this is not the first time you have logged on to eMortgage, the eMortgage home page is displayed. The Home page shows the most recent orders for your account. The total number of orders shown and how old they can be is configured as part of your user profile. If you do not enter the correct user ID or password, you will receive an error.