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Equifax Growth Drivers

• New product innovation across all lines of business

• Expansion of capabilities in enabling technologies

• Disciplined and strategic acquisitions

• Leverage of technology and analytics in international markets

Technology Delivers Added Value

Investment in technology impacts every part of our business and creates new opportunities between Equifax and its customers. Today, customers must make fast and accurate decisions. We make both possible. Technology is what transforms great data into a valuable solution for risk assessment and decision making. Equifax InterConnect™, for example, makes a credit decision, detects potential fraudulent activity and facilitates a cross-selling opportunity for our financial institution customers – all in real time at the point of consumer interaction. For Equifax, these capabilities generate incremental data sales and create cross-selling opportunities for our own products, such as analytics. And, most importantly, these capabilities build customer loyalty by embedding our software and integrating our solutions deeply within their operations.

Customer acceptance of enabling technologies is high. Today in the United States, more than 1,000 customers are using one of our technologies, including over one-third of our strategic customers; more than half of the top 50 banks; five out of the top eight private-label retail card issuers; and 11 out of the top 14 telecommunications/cable companies. The revenue impact of these technologies also is high, outpacing growth in traditional “information-only” transactions. In accounts using our enabling technologies, Equifax annual billings are growing rapidly, and sales for some accounts often double within a few years.

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