Undisclosed Debt Monitoring ROI Calculator

Enter your values into the three areas below to see the cost/ROI comparison to the right. For example, "Costs of Labor" may be the average hourly rate to review the report, such as $10. The "Cost of Gap or Snap Shot Report" may be a price such as $12.

Do not enter $, / or any other types of symbols into the fields.


Without Undisclosed Debt Monitoring

*Plus cost of last-minute fire drills, morale, customer service, future business and manual review mistakes



With Undisclosed Debt Monitoring

* Last-minute fire drills reduced by ~ 80%

Examples are hypothetical. Final pricing for Undisclosed Debt Monitoring is negotiated with each customer. Savings calculations based on 20% average loans identified by UDM for review and presumes $18 cost of UDM per loan. ($18 is average of 1.5 borrowers per loan.)