Equifax Identity Watch™ Lite

Don't let identity theft impact you!

Equifax Identity Watch™Lite gives you:

  • Equifax Credit Report can be purchased separately
  • Automatic alerts within seven days of key changes to your report
  • Ongoing support from our Customer Care team
  • Optional newsletters giving you ongoing advice and up-to-date information

Regularly checking your credit report for changes you did not make is one of the best ways to combat identity theft. Equifax Identity Watch™ Lite makes monitoring your report easy by automatically alerting you within seven days of key changes, like when someone tries to get credit in your name, so you can act before serious damage is done.

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We'd like to make your Equifax purchase as quick and easy as possible. We'll be asking you some questions to match against our records to prove you are who you say you are. It would help us if you have some of your financial information to hand, such as your mortgage details, credit and store cards, mobile phones, leases etc.


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