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Company Leadership

Businesses, industries and markets are constantly changing, creating new opportunities and risks. Today, leading companies—estimated at more than 50 percent of global businesses*—are leveraging the power of data analytics and predictive insights to not only inform their strategic planning, but to fuel their day-to-day business performance.

Equifax offers robust, scalable solutions that deliver the precise level of insight you need in a flexible format that fits your unique business needs. For instance, we can help sharpen your customer marketing and account management programs by cleansing, updating, enriching and analyzing your customer databases.

We also offer data analytics and  business intelligence to help measure and benchmark your business footprint, asses your wallet share or adjust your risk appetite based on broader market trends. Supported by our professional team of data, analytic and technology experts, our solutions can be delivered as input for manual decisions, or integrated within an automated decisioning platform. 


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