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Cybersecurity Incident & Important Consumer Information

Cybersecurity incident overview

On September 7, 2017 Equifax Inc., our U.S. parent company, announced a cybersecurity incident. On October 2, 2017 we announced we completed our investigation into the incident. With respect to potentially impacted Canadian citizens, we shared in a news release on October 2 and with customers the same week that personal information of approximately 8,000 Canadian consumers was impacted. Also, it was determined that an additional 11,670 credit card numbers of Canadian consumers may have been impacted.
Equifax Inc. learned of the incident on July 29, 2017, and acted immediately to stop the intrusion and conduct a forensic review. During that review, we identified unauthorized access to limited personal information for certain Canadian consumers. Based on our investigation, the unauthorized access occurred from mid-May through July 2017.
The potentially impacted information includes names, addresses, Social Insurance Numbers and credit card numbers. Other potentially impacted information includes login credentials for our direct-to-consumer website, such as username and password, and secret question/answer, which we believe are several years old.
Equifax Canada systems were not affected. We found no evidence of unauthorized activity on Equifax’s core consumer or commercial credit reporting databases. Equifax Canada systems and platforms are entirely separated from those impacted by the Equifax Inc. cybersecurity incident.
This issue has been contained and Equifax notified impacted Canadians by mail in 2017 and offered them 12 months of free credit monitoring and identity theft protection. In 2018, we extended this free service for an additional 12 months to those impacted consumers who availed our offer. In addition to credit monitoring and identity theft protection offered directly to consumers, Equifax Canada continues to invest heavily in our infrastructure, including significant recent efforts to further secure our data from unauthorized access.

How to find out if you're impacted

Equifax reached out directly to impacted Canadians by mail, beginning on October 13, 2017. The notification letters provided details on the types of data that was potentially impacted for each consumer. The letters also included an offer for complimentary credit monitoring and identify theft protection services.
We notified impacted Canadians by mail to help protect their privacy. It’s important to note that no Equifax representative will contact impacted Canadians by phone or email. Please do not provide personal information to anyone who contacts you by phone or email and claims to be an Equifax representative.
If you are a Canadian, who has reason to believe that your information has been breached as part of the cybersecurity incident, but you did not receive a letter in 2017, please call the Equifax National Consumer Relations team at 1-866-828-5961.

Next steps for those impacted

Canadian consumers, regardless of whether they are impacted, can call the Equifax Consumer Call Centre and have a fraud alert put on their account free of charge if they have reason to believe their credit information has been breached. For impacted Canadians, we offered complimentary credit monitoring and identity theft protection for 12 months. The expiration date to activate that product has passed (January 31, 2018). For impacted Canadians who had a similar Equifax subscription, we extended their subscription for 12 months at no charge. Impacted Canadians who received 12 months of free credit monitoring and theft protection will have their subscription extended for an additional 12 months, free of charge. They will be notified of this extention by e-mail in October and November 2018.
Equifax reminds Canadian consumers to be vigilant in reviewing their account statements and credit reports, and to immediately report any unauthorized activity to their financial institutions. We also recommend that they monitor their personal information to help avoid identity theft, as well as review information about fraud alerts and other services available to Canadian consumers.
If you believe that your bank account has been compromised, please work with your local financial institution and local law enforcement agencies.

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