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Product Overview

WalletInsights is IXI Services' interactive, web-based platform that empowers firms with customer and market intelligence based on our proprietary financial, economic and credit insights.

It offers a series of modules that firms can use to address their most pressing marketing challenges, including helping firms to better understand their market position, grow customer relationships, plan, execute and measure marketing campaigns, and build customer loyalty.

Key Benefits

  • Offers real-time access to relevant consumer and market-level financial insights to address marketing challenges
  • Alleviates the need for marketers to rely on technical teams for insights and analytics
  • Enables integration of our proprietary estimates of income, wealth, spending, credit, and other economic insights with your own customer data
  • Customizable for your company's individual needs and available as a hosted service or to be integrated into your current technology platforms


Applying WalletInsights to Your Business

  • Find the opportunity in your target markets and customer base by combining your company's data with our insights into the financial and economic position of US households
  • Measure the performance of your marketing efforts in different markets and target customer segments
  • Deliver real-time insights and clear action steps for point of sale/point of service employees to ensure optimal customer treatment
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