Product Overview

We get it.

As many employers have noticed, the frequency of wage audits is on the rise. According to the Department of Labor, nearly $11 out of every $100 in unemployment benefits are improperly paid; therefore, nearly $3 billion in unemployment benefits are improperly paid annually. Wage audits are a critical tool for states to help reduce improper payments. Yet for employers, responding to wage audit requests is becoming more cumbersome. Many states are no longer willing to accept data that is not delivered in the format specified, and there are various penalties and risks associated with incomplete or untimely wage audit responses.


We got it.

The Wage Audit solution from Equifax delivers a platform that helps employers reduce the burden of response and meet the wage audit obligations of the state agencies. With reporting functionality for improved oversight, both the fully-automated service and our prompted, online workflow, help deliver process improvement and resource efficiency to employers looking for relief from tedious wage audit tasks. The solution helps employers:

  • Delivering a specific wage audit response to each wage audit in the requested format
  • Maintaining response requirements from each state
  • Offering an efficient, automated resource for matching claimant data to the audit request