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Product Overview

Deeper consumer insight delivers well-informed credit decisions

VantageScore is a predictive scoring model that leverages national consumer credit data and robust analytics to predict the likelihood of a consumer becoming 90+ days delinquent within 24 months of scoring. By combining granular data from three national Credit Reporting Companies (CRCs) with industry-leading analytics, VantageScore delivers a consistent, easy-to-interpret score to support deeper risk assessments and quickly identify consumers' credit profiles. VantageScore creates instant competitive advantage by enabling your business to:

  • Strengthen predictive ability
  • Expand marketing universe of qualified targets
  • Evaluate thin- and no-file consumers with confidence
  • Optimize account management and overall portfolio performance
  • Minimize risk exposure

The VantageScore model is built using data from the three national CRCs blended from two different time frames, 2009-2011 and 2010-2012, to capture a broad development sample of consumer behaviors. Users can analyze consumers from a uniform perspective using a one-model approach that delivers consistent risk assessment across all three CRCs. VantageScore is designed to easily integrate into existing systems with a score range of 300-850 and actionable, intuitive reason codes.

VantageScore can be used in all industries to strengthen performance at any point in the account lifecycle. By scoring between 30-35 million more consumers than traditional risk scores, VantageScore opens new market opportunities and supports assessment of consumers without deep credit histories. VantageScore delivers predictive intelligence in an easy-to-use score standardized across all three CRCs.

Grow your business and mitigate risk with the advantage of deeper risk perspective and consumer insight from VantageScore.


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