Universal Customer View

Gain real-time, holistic views of your customers across your organization

Product Overview

If managed well, your customer data can be a powerful source of proprietary business intelligence that gives you a competitive edge in the market. However, effective data management can be challenging since it requires constant vigilance to continually integrate and update the often disparate customer data used by internal teams such as marketing, sales and support. 

Optimize your customer data for stronger decisions, performance and profitability

Universal Customer View helps businesses efficiently optimize their customer data without requiring additional time or resources. As an advanced identifier management solution, it helps unify and harmonize data across your organization and integrates records through a unique, persistent identifier applied in real-time.

You gain an always-up-to-date, comprehensive view of customers to help you: 

  • Spot emerging opportunity and better manage your risk exposure by immediately gaining a view into your full  customer relationships, connections and activity across your organization 
  • Make smarter, faster and more confident business decisions with stronger data integrity  
  • Deliver a more personalized customer experience by better understanding the various ways they interact with your business


Offer a better customer experience at every touch point

With fast, real-time access to more current and complete customer profiles, you can help ensure that personalized customer engagement—and a better customer experience—is possible at every touch point, be it marketing, sales, support or other customer-facing teams.

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