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We Get It.

For employers, Unemployment Case Management (UCM) is complicated, really complicated. From managing the tax liability for multiple SUIs, and correctly reporting and forecasting them within the organization, to following and adhering to the wildly different UI Integrity regulations in every state, UCM can be a giant resource drain. Managing all the moving parts, collecting all the input, handling all the responses, and related paperwork gets overwhelming pretty quickly. We get it.


We Got It.

Don't worry, we got it. Equifax Workforce Solutions puts more than 65 years of experience, our CaseBuilder™ technology workflows, and UCM management and reporting best practices to work for more than 6,000 employers nationwide. With our comprehensive solution, employers can:


  • Know before you owe: proactive tax liability management and charge benefit review
  • Get confident about compliance: process and technology optimize claim responses, alerts, and SUI-level reporting insights
  • Add automated Wage Audit responses: to meet state-minded formats
  • Tap our resources, so you can do more with yours: systems and services improve efficiency and accuracy, including dedicated case and hearing consultants


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