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September 15, 2020 - September 16, 2020

KICKOFF: Navigating with confidence in an era of uncertainty

Kicking off Ignite Live 2020, Prasanna Dhore, Equifax Chief Data & Analytics Officer, explains how to properly navigate this economy by transforming uncertainty into risk; leveraging information to manage risk and activating insights to grow business – all while helping consumers succeed.

ASSESSING THE SITUATION: What are we seeing and where might things be going

Premier Economist Rob Wescott and Peter Maynard, Equifax SVP of Data & Analytics, share data-driven insights; discussing the impact of the pandemic on business and consumers. They’ll share what we’ve experienced but more importantly where things might be headed, especially in an election year. You don’t want to miss this one.

TAKE ACTION: Steps you can take to operate more confidently

Mark Luber, USIS Chief Product Officer, and Dan Parzych, Equifax SVP of U.S. Information Solutions Data & Analytics, lay out practical steps so that organizations have the confidence to take action on critical business challenges in a fluctuating economy.

Lending with Confidence

Making credit decisions for thin-file and credit invisible consumers has always been a challenge. Given the number of recent layoffs, furloughs, and pay cuts, credit decisioning for thick files has become difficult as well. Discover how to unleash the potential of alternative data, explainable AI, and technology platforms to build confidence in your credit decisions.

Speaker: John Fenstermaker

Consumer Consented Data: New Data for New Challenges

Major changes in the U.S. job market and loan accommodation requests have clouded the ability for lenders to assess credit risk. This session provides insights on how to leverage consumer consented data to the fullest extent, reducing credit risk, preventing fraud as well as delighting your customers.

Speaker: Mike Pecen

Why Explainable AI? Why Now?

New data is critical when navigating economic turbulence, and new data requires new techniques – logistic regression is no longer sufficient. Learn how explainable AI provides better model performance while delivering reason code transparency. Find out how easy it is for explainable AI to refit and reground your existing models.

Speaker: Chris Yasko

Turning to Transparency: xAI Neurodecision Technology

Most, but not all, AI solutions are a black box. Discover how easy it is to be transparent, fair, and equitable to consumers while being regulatory compliant. Learn how each attribute contributes to a model. Check out model performance metrics. Graphically view how explainable AI (XAI) makes predictions.

Speaker: Matthew Turner

Rapid Response Requires High Frequency Data

Speed is paramount in the recent economic conditions. The economy is rapidly changing and lenders must be able to adapt. See how different tools were used to rapidly respond to requests from governments and businesses to uncover real-time insights as the pandemic impacted different industries, consumers, and geographies.

Speaker: Peter Oburu

Innovative Risk Measures in Uncertain Times

In the current uncertain times, with delinquencies and lending product performance being influenced by a number of external factors, is there an innovative way to measure risk and quantify stress on consumers? Leveraging credit, employment, income and accommodation data, Equifax shares innovative risk strategies to help lenders drive growth while maintaining risk levels.

Speaker: Pushpinder (Puddy) Manaise

The Market in Motion: Consumer Credit and Market Views

The massive, unprecedented shifts in the U.S. marketplace are leaving many businesses looking for ways to better navigate today’s fast-moving economic climate. This session will show you how to get dynamic market views down to MSA level of U.S. consumer credit data overlaid with COVID-19 case numbers. For example, in seconds you can see if credit utilization rates are going up, down, or stabilizing in specific areas.

Speaker: Christopher Walker

Employment and Income to Alleviate Uncertainty: The Importance of Verifying Ability to Pay

A deeper look at a valuable data asset in a time of economic uncertainty -- employment and income. This session will demonstrate the importance of digital verifications and using verified income and employment, and how easy it is to leverage this information to make more confident decisions.

Speakers: Naser Hamdi and Joel Rickman

Employment and Income Verifications Made Easy

This expo will highlight the importance of real time access to verifying income and employment. This access has always been a critical element toward quick,quality decisions, enabling lenders to deliver a great customer experience. While the current situation is an example that has reinforced this need, The Work Number is a data source built to provide intelligence applicable in any and all scenarios, be it during economic downturn or during normal economic conditions.

Speaker: Shelly Nischbach

Inside the Innovation Lab

Go behind the innovation lab doors with Prasanna Dhore and a panel of data scientists in a future thinking design session where complex customer challenges will be debated and advanced techniques and approaches will be discussed

Panelists: Prasanna Dhore, Cori Shen, Dr. Matthew Turner, Dr. Raj Bondugula and John Fenstermaker

New Solutions for New Identity and Fraud Threats

More transactions are happening digitally and the pandemic has triggered an uptick in digital fraud and identity theft. Balancing customer experience with mitigating fraud losses is now more challenging. In this session, we will share how the concept of digital identity verification is quickly evolving and how fraudsters are adapting, why it’s important for businesses to adapt and what is needed to adapt, plus proof points highlighting the impact of AI/ML on improving key business metrics surrounding fraud and identity.

Speaker: Sriram Tirunellayi

Analytics Your Way: Challenging Times Demand Flexible Access

In uncertain economic times, it’s critical that businesses have the right tools to take action and activate insights. Understand how companies are using Equifax Ignite to leverage differentiated, high frequency data for more informed, growth-driving decisions.

Speakers: Styletta Carter, Tom Aliff and Bob Crutchfield

Managing Your Commercial Portfolio with Confidence

Portfolio management often presents unique challenges – whether managing risk due to economic factors affecting your entire portfolio or tracking risk related to specific customers. Learn more about how AbsolutePD probability of default and reporting tools will allow you to spend time where you need it most while staying up to date with your portfolio management needs.

Speaker: Dan Kerry

Check the Box with Authentication and Identity

Due to current in-person restrictions, customers may be completely driven to online activities for identity verification. Unfortunately, businesses then face a higher risk for potential fraud. Authenticated identity helps ensure consumers are who they say they are. InstaTouch® ID is a real-time solution that improves the consumer digital experience, while addressing reduced abandonment, reduced friction and authenticated consumer data.

Speaker: Lavonne Straley

Canadian Economic Forecast

A look at the economy and how it’s faring through the pandemic, as well as a look to the future.

Speakers: Doug Porter

Fraud Trends - Managing Through An Ever-Evolving Market

A review of the evolving fraud landscape under the backdrop of a global pandemic; what changes in fraud behaviour are observed during this time and what measures can be taken to ensure your business is protected against the fraud risk. Where and how can AI play a role in your fraud risk strategy?

Speaker: Carl Davies

What to Expect from Consumers - Predicting Bankruptcies & Losses in the Post-Pandemic Recovery

Will the next few months see increased credit losses and consumer insolvencies among consumers and businesses? Can lenders better prepare themselves for the unexpected future? In this session we will share our thoughts on what could happen for the rest of 2020 and how combining traditional risk management techniques with dynamic insights may be the key for faster identification and better strategy decisions going forward.

Speaker: Rebecca Oakes

Growing Through an Uneven Economic Recovery

The immediate future of the Canadian economy may not be clear, but this doesn't mean there aren't opportunities for growth. Now more than ever, understanding your customer base is key. Hear how leveraging traditional & alternative data and utilising advanced analytical techniques and insights can help in navigating through an uneven economic recovery.

Speaker: Bill Johnston