Trended Data

Fueling More Dynamic Insights

Making Data More Predictive

Trending and analyzing data over a period of time can reveal patterns in consumer financial behavior – patterns that can then be used to predict future behavior, providing a new dimension of insight into a consumer’s financial profile.

Trended data is a key ingredient in a number of Equifax solutions, helping to deliver more predictive insights.


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Integrating trended credit data into your prescreen marketing efforts can help you expand your universe of prospective customers. Analyzing financial behavior over a period of time helps you better gauge the trajectory of consumer spending and repayment behaviors – good or bad. Used in this manner, trended credit data can help you:

  • Deepen relationships with existing customers by offering the right product to the right customer at the right time
  • Determine which customers are more likely to respond to a specific offer
  • Target customers that are more likely to repay a loan
  • Fine-tune prescreen decisions
  • Identify which customers qualify for a line extension, and more.

While today’s static consumer credit report provides a snapshot of a consumer’s credit profile, trended credit data delivers a more dynamic view of consumer spending and repayment behaviors over time. Trended credit data can help you refine and monitor your underwriting and modeling strategies. Analyzing the trajectory of repayment behavior, you can identify customers who might be more likely to default, and proactively work with them to help ensure timely repayment of credit. Trended credit data can help you:

  • Identify prospects with your ideal risk profile
  • Improve accuracy in risk models
  • Assign risk-based pricing
  • Monitor on-going account activities
  • Improve segmentation and collectability prioritization
  • Predict propensity to pay

Having deep insights into a consumer’s financial profile and behaviors over time can help you drive more profitable growth, while helping cut losses. Understanding the trajectory of consumer spending and repayment behaviors, as well as income and wealth, trended data can help you:

  • Identify those more likely to default or declare bankruptcy
  • Monitor on-going account activities
  • Refine and monitor underwriting and modeling strategies
  • Predict propensity to pay
  • Identify abnormal spending patterns to mitigate fraud and reduce delinquency
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