Consumer insights accessed through a single source

Product Overview

Expand your consumer viewpoint

TotalView from Equifax enables quicker, easier access to the data you need when you need it – through your existing Equifax connection.  TotalView gives you the ability to access more credit and alternative data, all through a single entry point.

Traditional credit data is not always enough. With access to enhanced credit, income, employment, fraud and asset data and your proprietary consumer data, you can build a more complete picture of your consumers' financial and risk profiles for your entire customer lifecycle.

TotalView provides single source access to credit and non-credit data to help you build a more comprehensive picture of the consumer that can help your business:

  • Access multiple sources of data and tools
  • Enhance decision consistency and confidence
  • Strengthen strategies at every point of the customer lifecycle 
  • Reduce implementation time and costs
  • Protect against potential identity fraud  
  • Improve profitability across the organization

TotalView simplifies access to critical consumer data and insights by creating seamless entry point for your entire organization to easily leverage key Equifax solutions.   Here's a look at what you can access with TotalView -- all from a single connection:

  • Traditional and Enhanced Credit Information
  • Identity Fraud Detection
  • Property Data and Analytics
  • Income and Employment Verification
  • Automated Decisioning Tools

The ability to access a variety of data sources from a single provider, through a single provider helps to provide a more comprehensive view of your consumer and the insights needed to take more informed, real-time actions throughout the customer lifecycle.

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