Product Overview
Improve account opening with industry-specific insight

Telecommunications Risk Score predicts the likelihood of a consumer becoming a serious credit risk with a score that rank-orders payment probability for new applicants or existing customers. This model combines market-leading Equifax consumer credit data, specific telecommunications industry data and proven analytics to create a consistent method for assessing the level of potential risk an applicant poses and help telecommunications providers set deposits equitably. Telecommunications Risk Score can help your business:

  • Qualify applicants quickly
  • Strengthen segmenting
  • Reduce exception delays
  • Improve account management

Telecommunications Risk Score leverages industry data to deliver an intuitive score that adds predictive decisioning insight to critical account activities, including prescreening, account monitoring and collections recovery efforts. Designed to augment additional decisioning strategies, Telecommunications Risk Score is available in multiple delivery methods to fit your business needs. Avoid the impact of high-risk applicants, increase segmenting precision and raise account management efficiency with Telecommunications Risk Score.