Superior Data Offerings for Background Screeners

Relying on a candidate’s self-reported data, using multiple vendors to gather key data points for criminal searches, or working with dirty or incomplete data can all hinder your ability to deliver timely, efficient background screening to your clients. Equifax can help eliminate many of these frustrations with our Talent Report™.   


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Increasing efficiency and providing accurate data in the background screening process can be essential components in satisfying your clients. Our Talent Report offers a reliable solution to validate a candidate’s identity plus uncover additional key data for use in state and county criminal history searches. With the vast breadth and depth of data sources available from Equifax, we can help you begin screening with authenticated data from a single provider, efficiently delivered to your team via API integration. And, because you can request the exact data elements you require from our Talent Report offerings, you can decrease “waste” involved in what’s obtained for each screen.

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Data elements included in our Talent Report - ID:

  • Identity Validation 
    • Social Security Number Validation
    • List of Known Aliases
    • Death Master Flag
    • Identity and Fraud Alert Checks 
  • Home Address History
    • Time-Stamped and Sequential 
    • County Name Included 
  • Additional Counties of Interest
    • Time-Stamped and Sequential 
    • Verified by Equifax data sources 

Data elements included in our Talent Report - Employment:

  • All data components included in our Talent Report – ID module (see above)
  • Verification of Employment for current and previous employers using The Work Number® by Equifax , where available and applicable 
    • Employment Status
    • Hire and Termination Dates 
    • Total Length of Service
    • Position Titles