Small Business Assets

Use asset estimates to improve marketing to small businesses and targeting of small business owners

Product Overview

Small Business Assets enables firms to better identify which small businesses to target for their marketing campaigns. With Small Business Assets, firms can use asset estimates to find small businesses that are the right fit for offers, tailor cross-sell and upsell efforts, improve prospecting, communicate with home-based small businesses, and enhance model performance.

Firms can use Small Business Assets to improve their marketing efforts to the millions of small businesses scattered across the country. It is available exclusively for use by IXI Network Member Firms.

Key Benefits

  • Enhances small business campaigns by identifying and marketing to small businesses likely to have significant invested assets
  • Improves communications and offers to home-based small businesses
  • Leverages our direct measurement of trillions in small business assets
  • Developed for use in non-FCRA applications
  • Can be used alone or in combination with existing small business targeting strategies and models
  • Available for both offline and online marketing

Applying Small Business Assets to Your Business

  • Better identify which small businesses are the best candidates for cross-sell and upsell offers and which are most appropriate for premium vs. standard offers
  • Improve prospecting by reaching potential customers with significant small business assets
  • Enhance model performance by embracing models that are designed to better target small businesses with a measure of invested assets
  • Better recognize and communicate with home based small businesses
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