Service Activation Solutions

Equifax solutions to support service activation, facilitate credit assessment and assess risk

Smart, effective onboarding

Knowing your customers-the key to effective onboarding. Our insights help you prioritize and grow your customer base, especially in new market segments without negative business impacts. Using our solutions, you can accurately assess risk, confidently set credit terms, significantly reduce manual reviews, and efficiently onboard new accounts. 


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Consumer Reports deliver predictive consumer data to support more profitable decisions, help mitigate risk and maximize growth opportunities. With access to current personally identifiable information for over 210 million consumers, Consumer Reports deliver an immediate, comprehensive view of a consumer backed by industry-leading data depth and reliability. Unleash the power of superior consumer data with best-in-class search and logic capabilities to deliver higher match rates on more inquiries. Our consumer data is updated daily from multiple sources to give you the most recent and freshest decisioning perspective available.

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Our Business Credit Reports give you insights about your business prospects to help you make more confident decisions and set terms that optimize profitability while minimizing risk. We offer a full suite of solutions so you can choose the business credit report that best meets your needs. Whether you need domestic or international business credit reports, Equifax offers vast coverage and depth of information, with a strong focus on the critical small business segment. From verified business identities and detailed credit history to business owner and corporate linkage, Business Credit Reports give you the deepest level of insight into the validity, financial stability and performance of more businesses.

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Equifax gives you the confidence to quickly and accurately validate more commercial prospects, customers and vendors by giving you comprehensive coverage on businesses of all sizes—from small, hard-to-find firms to large enterprise organizations with complex business structures. We don't accept self-reported data. Our data comes from trusted, independent sources-which we take the extra steps to verify-so you can feel secure in establishing business relationships. Choose from our full suite of Business Identity Reports that offer detailed insights including firmographic data such as employee size and annual sales, plus vital business verification data from the Equifax Commercial database, public record filings, and more. 

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Equifax offers a robust suite of business credit scores and business failure scores that are built on pre-recession, recession and post-recession data to give you even stronger, more detailed insights, such as how a business behaves during fluctuating economic circumstances. With double the number of attributes, scorecards for both large and small businesses, new scoring criteria and the option to include consumer data, our risk scores provide more predictive power so you can have greater confidence in the decisions you make.

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Advanced Decisioning Attributes provide the power of a premium set of tri-bureau enabled consumer credit attributes to support more confident, consistent credit decisions. Understanding where a consumer stands at any point in the credit lifecycle turns data driven decisions into a competitive advantage. Advanced Decisioning Attributes add a layer of efficiency and agility to credit risk decisioning, modeling and analytics. By sourcing tri-bureau attributes managed by Equifax, you gain the attribute management expertise of our seasoned credit data management team while saving time and reducing internal expenses. With flexible integration and online and offline delivery options, we can expedite deployment and speed access to 11 categories of credit information.

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InterConnect for Account Acquisition helps automate business decisions and the service activation process by combining a broad set of consumer and commercial data with rules-based analytics to streamline application and risk decisioning processes. It features the agility and depth to support business-specific credit policies and decisioning rules so you can quickly adjust to changing market conditions. You can utilize pre-built policies, rules or easily integrate your own predictive models and data. InterConnect for Account Acquisition keeps the service activation process on track with an intuitive workflow engine designed to streamline manual reviews and exception processing.

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InterConnect Insight Gateway delivers real-time risk decisioning insight by creating a single interface to multiple consumer and commercial data sets. You gain access to an expanded customer view through a common channel designed to eliminate the IT complexity of managing disparate data sets and analytics. InterConnect Insight Gateway provides the flexibility to leverage current data and analytics across your decisioning processes without IT implementation costs and delays. Simplified data access allows you to build deeper insights on new and existing customers with tri-bureau attributes and custom analytics.

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Credit Trends is a powerful intelligence tool that helps you understand performance in the broader contexts of the market, enabling you to customize your performance perspective by market, geographies, peers and specific metrics and history. It delivers unmatched perspective into anonymous, time-series credit data, specifically attributed for trending, market analysis, benchmarking and research purposes. Credit Trends utilizes proven Equifax technology and analytics to link and track account level credit data for the complete Equifax U.S. consumer credit database over time and across a number of different dimensions. Delivering rapid monthly updates across 20 mutually exclusive product categories, Credit Trends provides granular, relevant and actionable data to support well-informed decisions and help build refined strategies.

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MarketMax enables risk assessment on no hit and thin file consumers while guarding against application and identity fraud. Yielding enhanced decision making capability, it solves the 'no-hit' and/or 'thin file' problem by using alternative data sources to evaluate the risk of credit applicants who have limited or no credit history.  A verification and risk-assessment score is generated for consumers, regardless of credit file history. MarketMax predicts the likelihood of payment default (90+ days delinquent, charge off) within the first 18 months.

MarketMax improves acquisition efforts in underserved markets and increases revenue by identifying and acquiring emerging customers.

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