Scores and Models for Credit Risk Decisioning

Drive precise, profitable decisions with predictive consumer credit insights

Strengthen risk assessment

Build a stronger foundation for predictive decisioning with current consumer credit risk perspective delivered by intuitive scores and models from Equifax. Access actionable consumer insights built from robust consumer credit attributes and industry-specific decisioning tools to accelerate acquisition, mitigate risk and increase revenue.


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True In-Market Propensity Scores™ (TIP) help predict a consumer's propensity to open new or additional credit while helping maintain lower risk profiles. When used with a baseline measure of credit risk, TIP Scores three-digit indicative score can help further pinpoint and refine marketing strategies. TIP Scores add lift above traditional prescreen measures with predictive insight gained from combining open rates across score bands with consumers who present the lowest risk. TIP Scores leverage the currency and depth of the Equifax consumer credit database to help expand your universe of customers who are likely to open offers of credit. Strengthen retention rates by targeting existing customers that are primed for cross-sell and up-sell opportunities and present less risk of default.

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Enhanced DTI™ delivers an actionable three-digit score to help evaluate consumer risk, based on debt and income, and support stronger lending decisions. Combined with a broad-based credit score, this proactive tool helps lenders differentiate between consumers within the same credit band to effectively segment offers, minimize risk and strengthen portfolio performance and quality. Leverage actionable consumer intelligence from Enhanced DTI to identify viable up-sell opportunities and make critical decisions to minimize risk exposure and maximize portfolio performance.

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VantageScore is a predictive scoring model that leverages national consumer credit data and robust analytics to predict the likelihood of a consumer becoming 90+ days delinquent within 24 months of scoring. By combining granular data from three national Credit Reporting Companies (CRCs) with industry-leading analytics, VantageScore delivers a consistent, easy-to-interpret score to support deeper risk assessments and quickly identify consumers' credit profiles. Grow your business and mitigate risk with the advantage of deeper risk perspective and consumer insight from VantageScore.

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FICO® Risk Score, Classic v8 is a broad-based risk score that predicts the likelihood of an existing account or potential credit consumer becoming seriously delinquent within 24 months. Developed by FICO® using Equifax data, FICO® Risk Score, Classic v8 delivers an enhanced consumer credit risk assessment to help improve acquisition, reduce losses and increase revenue. FICO® Risk Score, Classic v8 provides comprehensive and current risk perspective built from 12 distinct scorecards. Increase profitability and protect performance with the proven risk assessment power of FICO® Risk Score, Classic v8.

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Equifax Risk Score is an enhanced risk model designed to help predict the likelihood of a consumer becoming 90+ days delinquent within 24 months. This scoring solution provides rank-ordered risk perspective to support informed credit decisions, help reduce risk exposure and increase portfolio profitability. Equifax Risk Score delivers intuitive, comprehensive scoring tools backed by the reliability and depth of Equifax consumer credit information. Gain consumer insight that strengthens your business across all facets of the account lifecycle. Increase targeting precision, understand new expansion opportunities, streamline collections efforts and mitigate risk exposure with the powerful scoring insight delivered by Equifax Risk Score.

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