Retail Banking Risk Solutions

Make stronger customer decisions with a wider view of risk

Reduce risk, boost revenue

Make stronger customer decisions with a wider view of risk. Many Demand Deposit Account (DDA) risk solutions rely heavily on information that can be dated and unreliable, limiting your ability to open profitable accounts. Get a comprehensive view of a consumer's financial obligations using a fresh source of alternative payment data from Equifax.


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Traditional consumer risk assessment tools can limit a financial institutions' success at the point of sale by relying heavily on negative information that can be dated and unreliable.

Highly customized, targeted and precise, Insight Score for Retail Banking helps you assess risk on a wider audience of consumers with little to no traditional credit.

Insight Score for Retail Banking leverages relevant non-traditional data to assess DDA risk and provides a more comprehensive view of a consumer's financial obligations.

  • Boost new account acquisition rates with an expanded view of payment history
  • Strategically expand your business and potentially increase profitability by tapping into an expansive market of underbanked consumers
  • Reduce charge-off risk with improved DDA risk decisioning.


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For some consumers, credit scores accurately predict the level of risk for opening an account. But for many, there's more to the story than the just credit score.

Equifax Confidence Score account screening identifies new account applicants who have low credit scores or little credit history but might otherwise have the potential to be profitable banking customers.


Know more about your applicants in real-time

Unlike other screening solutions that simply provide a "yes" or "no" decision, Confidence Score account screening leverages First Data's TeleCheck® database to create a multidimensional view of new account applicants.

With this insight, banks can more effectively evaluate individual financial risk to make better account acquisition decisions, using the information to segment checking account customers for product and account privileges that align with their risk profile.


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