Retail and Trade Impact
To profitably market to, underwrite and manage business and consumer customers in a demanding economy, you need as much information as possible. Equifax offers the specialized data, analytics, technology and expertise retail and wholesale trade businesses need for a deeper understanding of both firmographics and demographics to help you find, reach and securely service your ideal customers and optimize your workforce including workforce size, industry and location, Business performance, Gender, Age and Employment Status.
You'll gain exclusive insights and competitive advantages that can help you make stronger offers and maximize account values throughout the customer relationship.
In addition, we offer services to help you manage both the risks and the costs of a high turnover workforce by addressing concerns with Form I-9 compliance, onboarding and ongoing employment documentation requirements, unemployment cost management, and Affordable Care Act employer mandates.
Harness your retail and wholesale trade organizational data and turn it into tangible savings that:
  • Mitigate your risk in an environment with ever-changing legislation, increased enforcement and growing fines through automation, integration and trusted compliance expertise.
  • Improve your efficiency and reduce costs with streamlined technology solutions designed to automate and simplify talent acquisition and staffing management across the employee lifecycle.
  • Maximize your tax benefits by automating tax credit and incentive screening processes with the assurance that the very latest legislative developments are accounted for.
  • Drive human capital insights that achieve maximum business impact by connecting human resources, financial and other organizational data sources via the powerful eThority platform.
  • Rely on unmatched compliance, security, reliability and efficiency in data stewardship ensuring consistent and controlled access or release of your valued, sensitive data.
Featured Products and Solutions
Optimize collections and credit management processes with cloud-based workflow automation technology
AML Compliance
Facilitate timely compliance for managing KYC and AML programs
AML Compliance
Facilitate timely compliance for managing KYC and AML programs
AML Compliance
Facilitate timely compliance for managing KYC and AML programs
Customer Data Management
Cleanse, consolidate, and enrich your business customer information
EFX Link
Linkage of your business and consumer customers' information to identify new sales opportunities
Business Credit Reports
Make sound risk decisions based on comprehensive company profiles and business credit data
Delinquency Management Solutions
Access the freshest right-party contact information available on delinquent debtors
InstaTouch® Suite
Less Friction. Better Experiences. Faster Acquisition.