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Restaurant, lodging and tourism companies operate in one of the most demanding business environments. Serving your customers and growing your business are your ultimate goals, but effectively managing the workforce that helps you achieve those goals is a pressing challenge when you consider the wide range of physical locations, employee populations and staff resources. Workforce solutions from Equifax are designed to help minimize compliance risk, improve process efficiencies and save your business money.

A workforce in an industry with high turnover can equate to high risk and high costs. Our services help you manage both by addressing concerns with Form I-9 compliance, onboarding and ongoing employment documentation requirements, unemployment cost management and Affordable Care Act compliance. In addition, we boost your bottom line through leading technology solutions that ensure effective tax credit and incentive screening and deliver workforce planning insight through data analytics.

We can also streamline critical tasks like employment and income verifications and W-2 management. These processes can be difficult to control across varied operating locations and administrative skills, and Equifax helps with technology platforms designed to deliver consistency, oversight and control where it is needed the most—avoiding unnecessary time, energy and risk.

Equifax offers the only analytics platform that empowers you to compare your organization to industry trends by seamlessly connecting the most recent employment benchmarks to your own workforce data—all within one system. With this insight, your business can confidently make strategic decisions that enable you to thrive in today's competitive economy.

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