Our Response Solutions Offer:

Response FREE

For businesses who want to better understand the economic conditions and how it might impact their business, complimentary from Equifax.

  • Understand macroeconomic trends
  • Pinpoint consumer and business customers who are likely to need help in this time


For lenders and marketers who want to understand what’s happening with their customers at a market level, for both consumer and commercial portfolios.

  • Understand macroeconomic trends
  • Manage portfolio risk
  • Leverage alternative data assets for deeper insight into consumer/commercial payment activity, cash flow and loan performance
  • Verify the legitimacy of small businesses for P3 loan processing

Response DIGITAL

For marketers and fraud prevention managers to help customers purchase and self-serve online.

  • Acquire and onboard new consumers in a digital environment
  • Ensure secure digital access to accounts
  • Provide digital capabilities for essential commercial activities
  • Target and acquire new customers via digital channels while minimizing costs


For risk managers to understand people’s economic situation, which will reduce portfolio risk and allow companies to take care of the consumer's needs.

  • Understand inactive or active employment status
  • Track rate of pay changes
  • Manage portfolio risk
  • Verify consumers at point of application
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