ACA Management Essentials Solution

An overview of our Affordable Care Act Management Essentials Solution for employers.

Affordable Care Act Management Brochure

Put ACA compliance on autopilot

Audit By Loan Number

Audit by Loan Number, or ABLN, is the transaction that allows a GSE to request an audit copy of a completed verification from Equifax. Depending on the GSE program, verifications that are eligible for ABLN include instant income and employment verifications from The Work Number® and those that Equifax completes manually on a lender’s behalf, as well as those retrieved directly from the IRS via the Equifax 4506-T tax transcript service.

AVM Insight Product Sheet

Manage your collateral risk with a market-leading AVM

Combating Fraud in Automotive

Dealers need tools and solutions to help them connect the dots to verify if an applicant is real or not

Exchange Risk Score Product Sheet

Built from a database that includes more than 300 million non-financial tradelines and covers more than 171 million distinctive consumers, Exchange Risk Score provides unique and deep industry-specific payment data.

FCRA and Data Accuracy

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is a Federal Law that promotes accuracy, fairness and privacy for the data used by Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRAs), including Equifax. Verifications completed through The Work Number service are consumer reports.

FCRA Risk Mitigation

Providing verifications of employment can potentially expose employers to many serious legal risks, including liability risk when giving references to other employers, and privacy concerns from leaks of sensitive employee data.

Graduate Outcome Metrics

In this global market, higher education institutions are facing increasing competition and compliance challenges. Many institutions are turning to analytics to maximize strategic outcomes and drive decision making in resource allocation, student success, and finance.

I-9 Management Product Sheet

Take control of I-9 compliance with I-9 Management solutions from Equifax. We understand the challenge you face when managing I-9 compliance. Keeping control of your I-9s is no small task. Turnover, a dispersed workforce, remote employees, evolving legislation and changing regulations make it nearly impossible to stay 100% compliant when using a paper-based process. Equifax answers your needs with smart, convenient electronic solutions.

Income and Employment Verifications

The Work Number delivers an automated income and employment verification solution that streamlines the transfer of information between employers and verifiers, ultimately benefiting the employee by creating a secure and accelerated decision process.

InstaTouch ID Product Sheet

InstaTouch® ID uses Equifax and mobile carrier data to authenticate a consumer’s identity. This allows for pre-population of consumer data during online checkout or form completion--providing a simpler, frictionless experience.

InstaTouch Offers

InstaTouch® Offers, a customized marketing and credit offers solution, enables additional ways to connect with the consumer and build loyalty through lines of credit and real time customizable marketing offers. Utilizing the Equifax credit data and combining it with verified identity enables a business to customize a firm offer of credit or insurance to the consumer based on shopping behaviors and helping limit risk of decline.

InstaTouch Pay Product Sheet

InstaTouch® Pay simplifies the tedious process of having to enter card information on devices and uses verified identity to present most current, reported credit card information as payment options.

InstaTouch Suite: From Friction To Flow

Don’t just meet consumer expectations of seamless, omni-channel experiences—exceed them. Enhance offers and reduce friction with the Instatouch® Suite from Equifax.

Managing Unemployment Costs - Hearing Representation

With expert appellate services from Equifax, employers can tap into an experienced, highly-specialized team of representatives who will assist with hearing preparation once a hearing has been scheduled, and also represent your organization at the hearing

Overview: PowerLead Suite

Get Qualified Leads and Sell More Cars with PowerLead Suite from Equifax

PowerLead Check & Real Results

Start Moving Shoppers through the Buying Process

Pre-Employment Verifications

Make More Informed Pre-Hire Decisions With Authentic Employment Data

Researched Employment Verifications for Background Screeners

Making employment verification calls is one of the most laborious screening activities, but it’s a critical task that must result in the fast delivery of accurate data. Whether needing to outsource an entire researched verification process or in need of a provider to handle overflow, Equifax can help.

Resident and Tenant Screening Product Sheet

Today’s property managers need an efficient, one-stop shop to access comprehensive background information to ensure residents (tenants) meet their client’s ideal profile. Equifax now provides the Multi-Family Housing industry with an easy web-based screening program to effectively prescreen rental applicants.

Solutions for Credit Unions

Expand member relationships and grow revenue with market-specific solutions.

State Onboarding Compliance Product Sheet

State new hire notifications can be overwhelming. Our State Onboarding Compliance solution can help.  We track legislation to help keep you on-top-of evolving state required new hire notifications and our technology makes the process straightforward to help you get the right form the to the right employee at the right time.

Talent Report

Why rely on a job candidate’s self-reported data, multiple vendors, or potentially dirty and incomplete data to begin background screening? Talent Report™ from Equifax offers a reliable solution to validate a candidate’s identity plus uncover additional key data for use in state and county criminal history searches. With the vast breadth and depth of data sources available from Equifax, we can help you begin an efficient screening process with authenticated data from a single provider, efficiently delivered to your team via API. Learn more by viewing our product sheet.

The Work Number: Best Practices in Data Management

Equifax Workforce Solutions maintains robust security practices in order to effectively manage the evolving threat landscape and dynamic compliance requirements. We know it is important for you to have confidence in the vendor you choose to handle your employees’ personal information. Protecting the data entrusted to us is our top priority.

Top UCM Challenges Employers Face

Learn about the most common challenges that may be preventing employers from optimizing their unemployment case management program

UCM Wage Audit Solutions

Wage audits are a critical tool for states looking to help reduce improper payments. Yet for many employers, responding to wage audit requests is becoming more cumbersome.

Unemployment Cost Management: We Get It. We Got It.

For employers, Unemployment Cost Management (UCM) can be really complicated. Equifax puts more than 65 years of experience, our CaseBuilder technology workflows, and UCM management and reporting best practices to work for more than 6,000 employers nationwide. 

Verification Exchange

The new Verification Exchange from Equifax leverages the best practices established over the past two decades through The Work Number, the industry-leading verification service in the United States, to deliver the Canadian marketplace a new verification solution

Verification Exchange - Record of Employment

As part of the new Verification Exchange in Canada, an income and employment verification solution similar to The Work Number, Equifax will provide Record of Employment on behalf of employers with Canadian workforce

Verification Services for Auto Dealers Product Sheet

Verification Services Overview for Auto Dealers

Verification Services for Auto Lenders Product Sheet

Verification Services Overview for Auto Lenders

WeVerify I-9 Solution

We take the complexity out of E-Verify. Forget about trying to relearn the process every time you hire a new employee. As one of the largest E-Verify employer agents, our solution makes E-Verify simple and straightforward, so you can get back to what matters most – growing your business.

Affordable Care Act Subsidy Guide for Employers

Learn more about subsidies and their impact on both employees and employers. You'll find answers to the most common question like: What is a subsidy? Who should or should not get one? How and when I should appeal a subsidy? How does the subsidy process work?

Rethinking Risk

Five Barriers to Effective B2B Credit Risk Management — and How to Transcend Them

The Mortgage of the Future

As financial services technology changes rapidly, the mortgage industry’s reputation for being behind the times has persisted.  The origination process is complex and home loans are high-stakes transactions, but manual processes and reviews remain widespread while automation has been uneven. A survey of mortgage professionals provides a closer look at the transformation the industry believes it needs to keep its place, the factors driving innovation, and the obstacles standing in the way. A survey of mortgage professionals provides a closer look at the transformation the industry believes it needs to keep its place, the factors driving innovation, and the obstacles standing in the way.

Trust But Verify

Data-driven research that illustrates the significance of applicant verification on auto loans and provides greater understanding of borrower behavior and auto loan performance.

ACE Loans Improves Lending Efficiency with Equifax BusinessConnect

With its strong reputation for supporting customers and the community, ACE Loans wanted an optimized process that enabled them to remain customer-focused and make smarter, faster point-of-sale decisions. The lender found what it needs in Equifax BusinessConnect.

Deep-Subprime Auto Lender

See how a subprime auto lender used the Equifax Ignite Configurable Score - Auto

Dignity Health Case Study

Learn how one of the nation's largest health systems achieved their compliance goals, reduced costs, and relieved significant administrative burdens for their HR Staff.

Hard Rock Cafe - Automated Compliance, Real Engagement

Learn how Hard Rock has been able to improve employee engagement in benefits, reduce its risk and slash administrative tasks related to ACA compliance, while freeing up resources and helping control healthcare costs.

Hurricane Relief Tax Credit Case Study: Retailer Identifies More Than $1 Million in Tax Credits with Help from Equifax

A retailer worked with Equifax to leverage Gulf Opportunity (GO) Zone Employee Retention Credits as part of the relief efforts following Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Wilma. The geo-coding processes from Equifax pinpointed locations inside the disaster zones while the tax credit experts calculated the opportunity. Equifax can help with our no-hassle set-up to efficiently identify, calculate, and manage compliance with the 2017 disaster relief tax credits for Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria.

Lennox Transforms Credit and Collections with Help of Dynamic Equifax Solution

Lennox needed a more consistent and connected process for reviewing and approving customers and recovering debt. The company achieved this and more with the help of a world-class credit management solution from Equifax.

Visual Case Study: Dignity Health

View a visual case study that illustrates how one of the nation's largest health achieved their compliance goals, reduced costs, and relieved significant administrative burdens for their HR Staff.

ACA Compliance: Top 10 Things You Need to Know in 2016

During this webinar, we’ll draw upon our experience helping hundreds of employers manage ACA to share the top 10 things that you need to know to ensure success in 2016.

ACA Update for Employers: Employee Subsidies and IRS Fines

During this webinar, we'll provide an overview of the subsidy application and appeal processes and how this can translate into IRS fines down the road.

Better I-9 Compliance: How to Audit I-9s the Right Way

Civil penalties for non-compliance with Form I-9 requirements are at an all-time high and worksite enforcement is on the rise. Are you ready? Hear from a leading attorney on steps employers can take, including how to manage an effective internal self-audit. An I-9 expert from Equifax Workforce Solutions will discuss technology that can help improve the audit process.

Commercial Credit Trends Outlook Webinar from Equifax – Q1 2018

Equifax chief economist Amy Crews Cutts shares the latest commercial credit trends and outlines what changes she sees in store for the U.S. and economy and where she believes the economy is headed. She discusses recent commercial economic data, as well as new issues that are emerging on the economic landscape including changing interest rates, the Trump administration’s priorities and global politics.

Day 1 Certainty™ Best Practices – What You Need To Know For A Successful Implementation

Since Fannie Mae implemented its DU® Validation Service, many mortgage lenders have hit a speed bump while trying to implement the Day 1 Certainty™ program. During this webinar, Equifax experts share their experience with lenders regarding program implementation and provide best practices for a smooth and efficient roll out. They also share recommendations to successfully request income and employment verifications from Equifax to minimize processing time and improve borrower experience.

Dot-to-Doc: Connecting the Dots between HR Documentation and Unemployment Liability

Good documentation helps protect your company from employee litigation. But did you know that the same kind of documentation also helps you better manage your unemployment claims process? Find out from our Unemployment Cost Management experts just how critical documentation is to your win rate, your compliance with UI Integrity and your tax rates.

Nebulous Digital Marketing Investment is Dead

Join Equifax as Mykolas Rambus, General Manager of Data-driven Marketing at Equifax, and guest speaker, Shar VanBoskirk, Principal Analyst at Forrester for an eye-opening webinar, Nebulous Digital Marketing Investment is Dead, where you’ll hear why and how financial services brands are shifting their digital focus from quantity toward quality as they seek to connect with higher-potential, lower-risk audiences across their digital channels.

Q1 2018 U.S. Economic and Credit Trends Outlook from Equifax

The webinar will discuss overall trends in consumer credit, as well as brief deep dives into HELOC, mortgage, auto, card and general consumer finance. An additional special report will take a deeper dive into current vintages to assess payment performance and defaults for key tradelines.

Q2 2018 U.S. Economic and Credit Trends Outlook from Equifax

Join Equifax as chief economist Amy Crews Cutts, with guest Cristian deRitis from Moody’s Analytics, deliver insights that can help drive strategic growth at your organization.

Q3 2018 U.S. Economic and Credit Trends Outlook from Equifax

Join Equifax as deputy chief economist Gunnar Blix delivers insights that can help drive strategic growth at your organization.

Q4 2017 U.S. Economic and Credit Trend Webinar

This webinar will highlight overall trends in consumer credit, as well as brief deep dives into HELOC, mortgage, auto, card and general consumer finance.

Q4 2018 U.S. Economic and Credit Trends Outlook from Equifax

During this webinar, Amy Crews Cutts, Senior Vice President and Chief Economist at Equifax and guest Cristian deRitis, Senior Director from Moody’s Analytics discuss the latest trends impacting the U.S. economy and consumer credit.

Spotlight on ACA Subsidies

Watch this webinar on-demand to learn more about ACA subsidies, including: How the subsidy notification and appeal process works, real-life examples of challenges that employers have faced, best practices learned from processing subsidies for Equifax clients, how Equifax reduces the administrative burden and compliance risk associated with subsidies, and suggestions for educating and communicating with employees about subsidies.

A Guide to Ditching the Old School Method of Outcome Data Collection.

Ready to ditch your "old school" methods for graduate outcome data collection? This ebook from Equifax outlines why higher ed's commonly-used outcome data collection methods (surveys, outbound calls, social media searches, scraped data purchases) aren't providing the full picture required to successfully guide an institution's strategic initiatives. Included is an introduction to "new school" options that provide accurate, timely, and longitudinal metrics that help unlock new insights in departments campus-wide.

Aligning Sales, Credit, and Collections for Maximum Efficiency and Speed to Revenue

BusinessConnect™ Offers a Unified Customer Lifecycle Management Solution for Organizations

Equifax Alliances Enabled for Audit By Loan Number

With the implementation of GSE validation programs, flexibility in the way that lenders purchase and access verification solutions from Equifax is of utmost importance. Download this one-pager for a list of strategic and technology alliances that are enabled for the Audit By Loan Number solution from Equifax for participation in GSE validation programs.

Equifax Q&A with Forrester

Find out what Maxi Schmidt-Subramanian, Principal Analyst with Forrester Research, says about the impact of digital transformation on customer experience (CX).

Freddie Mac Automated Income Assessment – Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about leveraging Equifax verification solutions to participate in the Freddie Mac Automated Income Assessment program? Review these Frequently Asked Questions for details about how the program works, specifics about eligible Equifax solutions, and more.

In Search of the Purple Squirrel: Top 3 Reasons Why You Need to Use Pre-Employment Verifications

This e-book will examine the impact of living in an age where the truth can become a mystical concept and why HR should be using Pre-Employment Verifications to help transform how they are making hiring decisions.

Sealing the Deal: A Dealer's Guide to Knowing Your Buyers Better To Sell More Cars

We get it. You need to get shoppers into your dealership and into the right vehicle — as quickly and easily as possible. That’s where Equifax comes in.

Testimonial: See Why a Ford Dealer in Indiana uses Income Verifications

Learn how Automated Income Check from Equifax can help verify employment status and income.