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Maximize collectability efforts with this collections specific consumer report
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Product Overview

Maximize collectability efforts and recover debt faster

As consumer debt and personal bankruptcies increase, you need cost-effective solutions that help you identify the consumers most likely to pay—maximizing your effectiveness and return on debt recovery efforts.

Recovery Report is an abbreviated consumer report, tailored specifically for the collections industry, that helps you improve your skip-tracing efforts and better determine a consumer's ability to pay.

Concise ID information you can put to work right away

Improve skip-tracing efforts with access to the consumer information in credit files that collections specialists need most, such as:

  • Identification information
  • Employment information
  • Public records
  • Collections
  • Tradelines
  • Inquiries

Better determine a consumer's ability to pay with information on open credit, the presence of mortgage trades and other credit data reflective of liquidity.

Recovery Score Late-Stage—analytical tools that predict the likelihood of repayment on recovery and late-stage accounts.

The consumer credit information you need for fast, informed decisions

Recovery Report maximizes the power of Equifax's national consumer credit database.

  • More than 210 million consumer credit files
  • Updated daily with current consumer data
  • Operated using advanced search techniques and matching logic
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