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It's a well-known fact that bad debt can be crippling to your business and to our economy as a whole. With today's heightened focus on managing expenses, you need to efficiently find debtors and collect from those most likely to pay. Equifax can help you prioritize your collection activities and locate debtors…which can ultimately help you improve your recovery rates and reduce write-offs.

Determining consumers' capacity to pay, as well as compliance with industry legislation, are as vital to your collections goals as accurate contact information. Equifax has the data and tools you need to develop and execute cost-effective collections strategies that meet regulatory requirements.

Equifax Collections Solutions can help you not only locate debtors, but efficiently manage your entire collections portfolio. With employer-provided data and other unique information, plus reliable credit data and recovery scores, you can segment accounts by capacity and propensity to pay.

Featured Products and Solutions
Optimize collections and credit management processes with cloud-based workflow automation technology
Business Credit Reports
Make sound risk decisions based on comprehensive company profiles and business credit data
Make right-party contact before your competition
Delinquency Management Solutions
Access the freshest right-party contact information available on delinquent debtors
Mortgage Default Management
Mitigate the risk of defaults and foreclosures and benefit from reducing unnecessary manual reviews
Credit Information
Speed decisions with direct access to superior credit data
Scores and Models for Credit Risk Decisioning
Drive precise, profitable decisions with predictive consumer credit insights