Navigating Uncertainty

Both consumers and businesses are being impacted by today's uncertain economic times.
We are here to help you navigate through the uncertainty with key consumer and commercial credit insights.
Learn how we are continuing to serve our customers in response to COVID-19.

New: Market Pulse Webinar Series
This weekly, free series in helps lenders and service providers looking for timely economic and credit insights in the wake of COVID-19.
2020 Outlook: Plan for the Best. Prepare for the Worst.
Equifax and Moody’s Analytics present the current and future state of the economy and consumer credit. We also look at pre-recession indicators from the Great Recession of 2008 and how we compare today. Will you be ready for a turn in the economy? Let us help you plan for the best, while preparing for the worst.
The Value of Alternative Data in a Downturn
If headlines have you wondering when a change in the credit cycle might occur – or what the severity of a potential economic downturn would be – you’re not alone. Consumer lenders share how they’re planning for a slowing economy in latest Aite Group research, commissioned by Equifax.
Consumer Credit Forecasts
Gain insight into how the U.S. and local economies affect consumer credit behavior and performance through a full spectrum of consumer credit analytics services—data, forecasts, alternative scenarios, research and full access to analysts. A joint product of Moody’s Analytics and Equifax, the service covers a wide range of household credit, economic, and demographic variables at a detailed level of geography.


Equifax Solutions for Recession Preparation

FICO® Resilience Index
A new analytic tool to help capture consumer credit risk linked to unexpected economic stress.
Credit Trends
For planning and diagnostics, we can help you analyze historical credit performance so you can better adjust risk decisioning strategies throughout the customer lifecycle.
Alternative Data & Risk Scores
Better segment customers and gain additional insight that can help drive safer decisions across the customer lifecycle.
When combined with Credit Trends, this solution has the added benefit of economic downturn scenario forecasting.
Bankruptcy Navigator Index (BNI)
A scoring model developed by Equifax to predict the likelihood a consumer will file for bankruptcy over the next 24 months.
Insight Score for Personal Loans (ISPL)
Combines traditional credit data with alternative data that includes payment history from the utility, pay TV and wireless communications sectors.
Analytic Dataset
Delivering a 10% sample of loan-level credit file data, lenders can better anticipate “roll rates” and understand the likelihood of customers moving from 30 days delinquent to 60 or 90+ days delinquent.
A data offering powered by Credit Trends, which provides the data required to support the new Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) standard.
A predictive scoring model that incorporates trended credit data and machine learning techniques to generate a more accurate credit score.
Consumer IncomeView (CIV)
An income model that provides an estimation of consumer income.
Customer Portfolio Review
Gain deeper customer behavior insights and support informed decisions by proactively screening the accounts in your portfolio against customized criteria to reduce risk exposure.
How can we help you better navigate these uncertain economic times?