Product Overview
Strengthen market results with proven prospecting

ProspectID Advantage™ is an intuitive acquisition solution that strengthens targeted marketing efforts by delivering a list of pre-approved, valuable prospects tailored to meet your credit profile criteria. Create a precise, targeted list to fit your marketing needs by leveraging access to more than 1,500 consumer credit financial attributes, event-based and behavior triggers and True In-Market Propensity Scores.

Count on the proven Equifax prescreen process to build a segmented, tailored list focused on specific consumer credit profiles to help your business:

  • Increase customer acquisition
  • Realize higher open rates
  • Fortify activation rates
  • Improve ROI

ProspectID Advantage helps you effectively mine the Equifax credit-active consumer database to identify robust, FCRA-compliant prospect lists that fit your market objectives and budget requirements. This solution delivers the proven quality and data reach Equifax is known for, while also giving you control over list size and acquisition costs.  ProspectID Advantage is a consumer report and its use is regulated by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

Develop criteria-based prospect lists on demand, focus resources on the right prospects and help maximize return on investment with ProspectID Advantage.