Primary Impact

Grow your DDA Portfolio by making stronger, more tailored promotions

Product Overview

To acquire new Demand Deposit Accounts (DDAs), financial institutions often rely on traditional strategies, such as sending mass mailers and promoting cash incentives to vast consumer audiences, and hoping for a response. 

Instead of blanketing the market with generic mailers and promotions, what if you could be much more precise in identifying your prospect audience and more effectively tailor your messaging and spend? What if you could identify consumers who are transactors and likely to be profitable both today and in the future? What if you could identify those households that are most likely to expand their financial relationship with your financial institution beyond the DDA? 

Now you can you do all this and much more with Primary ImpactTM, a proprietary suite of models from Equifax and Argus Information and Advisory Services. It utilizes comprehensive information about a household's primacy, anticipated profitability, lifetime value and relationship expansion potential to help you: 

  • Grow your DDA portfolio by making stronger, more tailored promotions to the right prospects  
  • Boost your marketing ROI by only marketing to the prospects who have the potential to activate, use their account, become profitable, and expand their relationship with you. 
  • Maximize customer profitability from the start by better understanding a prospect's cross-sell potential


Predict the potential for profitability leveraging transactions, accounts, lifestyles and more

Unlike any other solution available today, Primary Impact reveals a comprehensive picture of prospective accountholders to help you identify those prospects that are most attractive to your product suite. With this more consumer-focused view, you can more effectively target the best-fit prospects for your financial institution by tailoring your promotional incentives and intelligently cross-selling them relevant, profitable products that fit their needs and quickly expand their relationship with your financial institution. 

More specifically, Primary Impact leverages an expansive mix of aggregated and anonymous financial transactions and balances, plus exclusive household financial insights:

  • Primacy: the propensity of a prospect  to have their primary account with your financial institution within 120 days after acquisition
  • Profitability: the predicted profitability of a prospect checking account, during the first year on book assuming no attrition
  • Lifetime Value: the predicted lifetime value of a prospect, based on predicted profitability and attrition, using discounted cash flows
  • Relationship Expansion: the propensity of a prospect to acquire at least one additional product, such as a credit card or saving account, within the first year after acquisition 


In addition to improving prospect campaigns, these combined insights help you evaluate the quality of accounts as they are booked, without the need to wait four to six months to determine household value, providing rapid feedback on campaign profitability.