Product Overview
Expand Your Portfolio, Help Increase Acquisition and Maximize Results

Prescreen combines the power of our credit-active consumer database with the precision of prescreened target lists built around credit based attributes and various scoring models. Increase acquisition by honing in on the markets and customers with greater propensity to benefit your portfolio. Prescreen creates the ideal target list by leveraging more than 1,500 credit attributes, including event and behavior based triggers, and allows you to create your own credit based attributes.

Gain access to the data depth that Equifax is known for while harnessing the agility to build specifically-targeted affinity campaigns to help your business:

  • Drive higher acquisition rates with deeper consumer insights
  • Help maximize revenue by focusing resources on the right targets
  • Support customized account strategies by understanding credit profiles
  • Identify stronger cross-sell and up-sell opportunities within your portfolio

Prescreen delivers pre-approved, valuable consumer prospects tailored to meet your credit profile criteria. Begin your campaign by using intuitive pre-packaged attributes based on credit risk, capacity and industry-specific propensity or take advantage of Prescreen's flexibility to use your existing custom scoring models and create custom credit based attributes. Deliver your Prescreen offers via direct mail and email, and extend your messages via social, mobile, and online ads. 

Prescreen is a consumer report and its use is regulated by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

Refine campaigns and prospect lists to fit precise marketing objectives with the powerful data perspective and tailored targeting Prescreen delivers.