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Increase marketing ROI by better matching consumers with their desired credit options.
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Product Overview

Consumers want to minimize credit rejection and take ownership of their credit without a negative impact on their credit score. Credit marketers want to engage with consumers — especially in the digital channels to increase approval rates and credit utilization. What if there was a better way to simultaneously improve the customer experience, while increasing the marketing ROI from unknown traffic to your website, building brand loyalty, and better capturing cross-sell opportunities?

Equifax offers a Prequalification of One solution that enables a consumer to easily determine their credit eligibility for offers, before a credit application is initiated. This Prequalification of One solution is highly configurable, and can offer simple or end-to-end solutioning. Equifax, or the lender, can perform the decisioning for a prequalification offer that can be presented to a consumer. While the Prequalification of One service is run online, in real-time it can be initiated in person, through a call center, a point-of-sale (POS), online, and more.

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