Product Overview

For talent acquisition professionals who must hire quality candidates and quickly, Pre-Employment Verifications from Equifax instantly provides employer-reported, current employment data on candidates, from the largest central source of real-time employment and income information in the U.S. With verified employment data from Equifax, hiring organizations can make more informed, fact-based, and timely hiring decisions, resulting in a greater quality of hire.

Pre-Employment Verifications from Equifax helps solve the talent acquisition professionals' core hiring needs:

  • Improve quality of hire    
  • Reduce new hire turnover    
  • Inform hiring decisions with more accurate data      
  • Deliver a more efficient hiring process    
  • Deliver a more compliant hiring process 

What the employers will benefit from using Pre-Employment Verifications from Equifax:   

  • Inform hiring decisions with authentic data, helping to ensure higher quality candidates to select from and hire.
  • Improve quality of hire by leveraging authentic data to help make more informed, fact-based hiring decisions.
  • Deliver a more efficient hiring process with authentic employment data - consider candidates with verified vs. self-reported data to ensure you aren't wasting resources on applicants that shouldn't even be considered. And when integrated with an Applicant Tracking System, verification becomes an automated step in the hiring workflow.
  • Verify when you need to as Pre-Employment Verifications are available anytime, online. And when integrated in an Applicant Tracking System, hiring organizations have the flexibility to verify at any stage within the hiring process, including pre-offer.
  • Reduce new hire turnover by hiring candidates in which their employment has been verified, so you can be more certain they have the experience to do the job well, and the integrity that they did not misrepresent themselves in the hiring process.     
  • Enable a more compliant hiring process using verified employment

The landscape: Recruiters, HR professionals, and hiring managers aren't the only ones who's top priority is to acquire quality talent but the CEOs as well, as 77% of CEOs say the availability of talent is the greatest threat to their organization (Source: PwC CEO Survey).