Phone number identification and validation tool for risk mitigation and operational efficiency

Product Overview

Providing coverage on more than 95 percent of all wireless numbers in the United States, PhoneReveal helps you improve customer contact strategies across marketing, account management, debt recovery, and more. An integral tool for your TCPA strategies, PhoneReveal helps you save time and money by readily identifying phone number validity, type and porting status. PhoneReveal even identifies recycled numbers, so you can avoid calling on mobile numbers that have been reassigned to a new owner.

PhoneReveal is an offline batch phone number identification tool that delivers phone number information directly from mobile operators, with many customer tests achieving a 99 percent or higher match rate on all valid U.S. numbers(1). With PhoneReveal, you can:

  • Distinguish between landline, mobile and Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) numbers
  • Identify deactivated, ported and recycled numbers
  • Obtain updates as frequently as needed, even daily

Regardless of industry – telecom, financial, utilities, if you use automated dialing technology for marketing, debt recovery, or any reason, PhoneReveal can help you mitigate litigation risk and drive operational efficiencies. For more information, contact your account manager or download our product guide today.