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Product Overview

Focus resources on the right individuals

Understanding a consumer's income level strengthens customer relationships across the entire account lifecycle. Equifax Personal Income Model ™ predicts personal income levels with an easy-to-interpret, three-digit score to strengthen targeting, validate application data and improve segmenting.

This solution is modeled to a national sample of actual, employer provided current employment and income information to deliver the freshest personal income perspective available and support key account activities, including:

  • Acquire more profitable customers
  • Build greater affinity with existing customers
  • Maximize return on investment by focusing resources on the right targets
  • Reduce costs associated with manual income verification


Personal Income Model helps any industry by providing in-depth income insights to identify the best places to deploy key resources. Hone marketing programs by tailoring campaigns to the true financial potential of prospects and existing customers. Focus collections resources and efforts on customers with the income and capacity to pay. Create a more seamless customer experience by automatically validating application data and requiring additional documentation only for exceptions.

Personal Income Model delivers an expanded consumer view into personal income to strengthen decisioning, improve account management efficiency and open new routes to build greater revenue.


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