Patient identity proofing

Equifax helps healthcare providers, payers and health networks build trust, and mitigate identity theft and fraud by enabling secure remote access to confidential personal health information in a cost-effective and scalable manner, without disrupting established information workflows or clinical care procedures.


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Knowing that the patient is who they say they are, and accurately matching multiple, disparate electronic records for that patient is a core building block for interoperability and health information exchange and is vital for the creation of a complete electronic health record.

Our advanced data analytics and identity proofing technology help to ensure that patients in a provider and/or payer database are identified and assigned a unique key which will facilitate matching patient records across disparate health systems, matching clinical data to claims data, and matching membership files for disparate payers for better coordination of payments determinations.

Equifax referential data and data match key technology can:  1) more accurately identify unique patients/members in provider and/or payer files, 2) enhance patient safety by reducing the number of duplicate medical records, 3) enable matching of clinical and claims data, 3) facilitate interoperability and health information exchange both within an enterprise and across unaffiliated organizations, and 4) enhance analytics by improving the accuracy of data repository files.

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