Measure marketing performance across the customer journey

OptimaHub from Equifax delivers the analytics and marketing measurement tools needed to measure and value every moment across the sometimes convoluted path of the customer journey. 

Using advanced people-based measurement, OptimaHub helps organizations drive sustainable long-term growth by delivering a clearer understanding of the full impact their marketing actions have on customer behavior and loyalty in a unified approach across both digital and physical channels. 
Marketers can use OptimaHub to:

  • Measure and value the contribution of every touchpoint on the customer journey to point of purchase
  • Know both the positive and negative impact of each individual touchpoint and see if it is moving the buyer forward or backward
  • Get the full picture of all marketing efforts by tracking paid, earned and owned touchpoints across all digital and physical outlets
  • Identify less effective channels and touchpoints and redeploy media spend where it will have more favorable impact
  • Improve strategic planning through more detailed forecasting of spend and channels

Using the latest in cloud computing trends and techniques makes OptimaHub one of the most powerful and flexible marketing measurement solutions in the market today. By partnering with Equifax, organizations across different industries can grow customer value by identifying  those consumers most likely to buy from and remain loyal to your brand.