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Rethinking credit: The new standard in credit insights delivery
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What is OneView?

The OneView report sets a new industry standard for how credit data insights are delivered, displayed, and provided.

This new ‘human friendly’ report gives you the specific, detailed data you need, in a format that is concise, customizable and easy to understand.

Introducing OneView

A fully customizable view of an individual’s financial profile for quicker credit decisioning. Now even small businesses can access big league credit reporting.

Key Benefits

  • Innovative reporting and delivery options via API/system-to-system or Eport Cloud delivery

  • Easy-to-read graphic or text-only formats

  • Includes access to real-time income and employment information from The Work Number®

  • One complete view in one report that features data points across 15+ field options

  • A balance of depth and clarity that is virtually unmatched in the industry

  • Cloud-native technology that provides maximum uptime, easy accessibility, and an improved user experience

Who It's For

Chief Revenue Officer

Focused on income and revenue growth and implementing innovation

Chief Marketing Officer

Focused on creating a smooth and frictionless consumer experience

Chief Credit Risk Officer

Focused on mitigating risk and adhering to credit policies

Chief Compliance Officer

Focused on regulatory compliance and oversight

Future Plans
Continuously Improving

OneView will soon expand to incorporate a variety of alternative sources, such as specialty finance data.

Future improvements include configurable controls, pre-defined templates for quick onboarding, customized reports based on your specific needs, and drag-and-drop configuration

5 Reasons to Simplify Credit Reporting

OneView raises the industry bar for simplicity. This game-changing solution enables you to quickly review comprehensive customer information in a format that is concise and easy to read.

Take a closer look and see 5 ways that OneView sets a new standard in credit reporting.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is new about this report?

  • An executive cover page providing a summary of the consumer credit recent data in a single page
  • More visual graphics for quick overview of the accounts/tradeline data
  • A well connected report for the user to navigate across sections of the report

Can you explain the summary page?

The summary/cover page is designed to give an executive view of the consumer credit status in a single page view. It provides graphical consumer accounts overview, potential negative information, highlights recent bankruptcies, collections, fraudulent details in easy to read one page view. Users can choose to click on the links provided to navigate to the details related to each of these sections or scroll through the report for extensive detail on the consumer report.


Why do businesses need a new credit report format?

Two people with exactly the same credit score can have very different financial profiles and very different financial needs. If no two people are alike, no two credit reports should look the same either. OneView is an always-on, cloud-enabled reporting solution that enables businesses to get the unique, customizable view of financial data they need to make real-time decisions for consumers as they face some of life’s pivotal moments: renting an apartment, applying for a loan or mortgage, financing an education or buying a car.


Can consumers view the new OneView credit report?

OneView is a new visual reporting tool for businesses. Consumers should continue to access their credit reports via The free online Equifax credit reports through are currently being offered weekly until April 2021 to help Americans in response to COVID-19. Equifax encourages consumers to review and monitor their Equifax credit report regularly.


I am currently enrolled on myEquifax. Has the format for the credit report on the myEquifax portal changed?

No, the format of myEquifax reports remains the same.


Is Equifax changing the format of all of its credit reports?

No. The format of all credit reports is not changing. We are announcing a new OneView credit report product for businesses, helping them to simplify their view of consumer credit at a time when speed of decisioning is exceedingly important to consumers.

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