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Mitigate loss, decrease write-offs and improve profitability by accurately assessing new applicant risk

Reduce write-offs, unlock ROI

Telecommunications, pay TV and utility companies write off billions in bad debt annually. To reduce this risk, industry leaders formed a national exchange, NCTUE®, whose members directly benefit from identifying high-risk consumers during the account acquisition process. Join now to improve your ROI, reduce write-offs and increase revenue recovery.


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The NCTUE Plus database incorporates full account data from subscribing members. Used with the traditional credit file, this tool provides members with a more comprehensive consumer view needed to make profitable risk decisions across the customer lifecycle. The addition of full account data also helps capture more of that elusive segment of the market—the no-hit/thin-files—and will allow members to make appropriate behavior-based decisions.

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The Exchange Risk Score™ (XRS) provides unique a comprehensive, predictive risk assessment specific to the mobile, landline, pay TV and utility accounts. This tool is used as a fused or stand-alone score with traditional credit data gives your organization a 360-degree view you need to make risk decisions across the customer lifecycle.

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For all service providers, it's vital that you optimize collection efforts to reduce charge offs. You need consistent, reliable access to fast, timely location information about your debtors. Specifically, you need the freshest information possible regarding their addresses and phone numbers so that you can reach them—first, before other creditors. Exchange Search is a unique, back-end skip trace solution developed exclusively for NCTUE members that gives you direct access to the premium, differentiated data you need for a faster, more productive collections process. With the only industry based collections tool of its kind, you have access to contact information on new connects and defaulted and/or fraudulent accounts from contributing NCTUE members—more than 70 of your peer organizations from across the U.S. You get data that is more current, accurate and relevant than traditional skip-tracing data.

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