Multi-Family Solutions

Identify and approve quality renters quickly and efficiently

Insights for Property Managers

Equifax delivers speed, security and confidence through a suite of solutions that address rental and multi-family industry challenges. With the US population continuing to shift towards renting, it is important for property managers to know to whom they are renting so they can assess ability to pay and help protect themselves from fraud.


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Consumer Reports from Equifax deliver predictive consumer data to support more profitable decisions, help mitigate risk and maximize growth opportunities. Equifax follows carefully documented, managed and executed processes in order to quickly upload the freshest, yet most consistent and accurate consumer credit information.  TotalView, our powerful, next-generation data delivery format, fuels a more complete, 360-degree view of applicants by providing access to greater information—including credit data and non-credit data such as employment and income verification—in a layout that shows you risk and opportunity faster than ever before.

Equifax will provide complete access to soft inquiries for the multi-family industry.  Soft inquiries are credit checks that are typically only visible to the consumer and are not used to calculate credit scores.  Property managers now have the consumer information they need without affecting an applicant’s credit score.  Build trust with your applicants by affirming your interest in their financial health.  

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The Income and Employment Verification from Equifax is designed to instantly verify a renter’s employment and income through The Work Number® - a database containing millions of payroll records contributed by thousands of employers nationwide.  Income and employment tenure data from The Work Number can be used to help property managers identify risky applicants.

The Work Number:

  • Payroll data supplied directly from employers and updated each pay period
  • Data can include employment status; pay type and frequency;  current, historical, and estimated annual income information
  • Studies show that overstated income has a direct relationship with applicants’ eviction rates.  Eviction rates are almost twice as high for income overstated by 11% or more vs those applicants with accurately stated income*
  • Applicants with job tenure under 6 months are 40% more likely to be evicted vs applicants with 3+ years tenure*


* Global real estate software provider / Equifax (Nov 2013);  The Work Number® Study “Evaluate  Opportunity of The Work Number Data for Tenant Screening

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InstaTouch® ID, a consumer identity and authentication service powered by MobileConnect, is helping change the mobile commerce game from the point of acquisition. Enabled by our best-of-breed data and technology, this configurable service works “behind the scenes” to help property managers confidently and quickly authenticate renter identities. Consumers get a more secure, streamlined and frictionless process, helping reduce abandonment and inaccurate data entry. In turn, property managers get increased engagement and a faster path to revenue. And, InstaTouch ID provides property managers with authenticated consumer data and insights, helping identify fraudulent activity .

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