Multi-channel Prescreen
Reach Your Prescreen Audience Through Digital Channels

Product Overview

How can credit and insurance marketers best reach their target audience with Prescreen offers and messages?  By delivering them via the devices consumers use most – mobile phones, tablets, laptops, computers, televisions, and more. 

Multi-channel Prescreen enables credit marketers to develop omni-channel Prescreen campaigns to better connect with consumers via digital channels.  With Multi-channel Prescreen, credit marketers can:

  • Deliver Prescreen messages using any combination of direct mail or email and digital channels
  • Extend Prescreen offers and messages via email and phone, as well as display ads, mobile ads, social platform ads, and addressable television ads
  • Help ensure that online ads are reaching the desired Prescreen audience
  • Reduce reliance on potentially expensive direct mail

Multi-channel Prescreen helps credit and insurance marketers gain flexibility in how they choose to execute their campaigns and connect with their audiences.  We commonly work with digital agencies to onboard Prescreen direct mail and email lists for use in digital marketing and to coordinate digital execution.  In today’s connected world, credit marketers can leverage Multi-channel Prescreen to digitize their prescreen marketing strategy, better engage and convert Prescreen audiences, and speed campaign results.

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