Portfolio Management
Properly identifying portfolio risk factors and effectively communicating portfolio health can be challenging. Through our robust suite of portfolio management solutions, Equifax can help Mortgage Servicers more accurately identify and mitigate risk with leading indicators utilizing differentiated and predictive information obtained directly from the source.
How We Help
Bankruptcy Navigator Index
Helps lift portfolio performance by accurately identifying potential bankruptcy risk.

Through relevant and reliable consumer bankruptcy insight, BNI helps Mortgage Servicers:
- Predict bankruptcy risk
- Improve business performance
- Protect revenue
Collateral Value Connector and Property Condition Report
Confidently validate property value and condition in your servicing portfolio. Together, the solutions enable Mortgage Servicers to:
- Optimize automated collateral valuation strategies
- Facilitate collateral valuation compliance guidelines
- Assess the condition and conformity of a property
Credit Trends
Emerging credit risks could jeopardize the performance and profitability of a servicing portfolio.

Credit Trends from Equifax gives you risk insights benchmarked against the most current trends and behaviors among your competitors, and the broader market, to help you protect and grow your leading portfolios.
Customer Portfolio Review and PortfolioID Advantage
Appends data to an existing portfolio to help Mortgage Servicers understand the following:
- Current mix of customers to show risk distribution
- Customer segment
- Changes of vintages since booking
- Growth opportunities
Income and Employment Verification
Leverages The Work Number to rapidly deliver information directly from employers.

The solution can be used to determine a consumer’s employment and income for:
- Underwriting loan modifications
- Mitigating delinquency risk
- Portfolio management activities
Allowance for Loan and Lease Losses (ALLL)
Utilizes proprietary methodology to combine credit, mortgage lien data and collateral valuation to address portfolio segmentation guidelines.

The solution can be used for:
- Portfolio reviews for capital allowance
- Compliance with ALLL, CCAR, Basel III, etc.
- Acquisitions and mergers
- Marketing and cross-sell opportunities
AVM Insight
Enables a data-driven approach to help ensure the most accurate current valuations of a Mortgage Servicer’s portfolio are achieved at the local level.
- Account acquisition
- Portfolio segmentation and analysis
- Prepayment analysis
- Loss mitigation
- Identification of properties or market areas that have experienced significant appreciation or depreciation
The faster you can connect with debtors, the better your chances of recovering outstanding debt in the event of potential default or delinquency.

FirstSearch from Equifax is a unique, front-end skip-trace solution that delivers more right-party contact information for improved debt recovery.
Premium Customer Portfolio Review
Mitigate against payment delinquency and default in order to preserve the profitability of your portfolio.

This service offers alternative data sources for income and employment information along with debt-to-income, monthly payment and projected annual income information, helping you improve:
- Account decisioning
- Account prioritization
- Treatment strategy selection
Industry research shows that most banks do not have the data, process and infrastructure to meet the new CECL requirements.

SmartReserve™ from Equifax offers flexibility for benchmarking and assumption setting using historical performance by product, geography, score range and vintage for CECL analysis.
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