Marketing and Retention
From mitigating portfolio runoff through effective marketing campaigns to identifying consumers within your portfolio that could benefit from refinancing, you face a number of challenges when it comes to marketing and retention. Leveraging our suite of solutions, Equifax can help you mitigate prepayment risk by applying predictive analytics and event-based insights to market to and retain more of the right customers.
How We Help
Account Management Triggers
Highly flexible solution to help better identify areas of risk, as well as opportunities to improve performance, from an existing customer base.

Account Management Triggers can help Mortgage Servicers understand where and when to take action with proactive insight provided by key indicators, including:
- Recent changes in credit activity
- Changes in credit behavior over time
- Tradeline account characteristics
- Late payments
- Utilization trends
- Recent defaults
Active Listing Scan
Closely monitors residential addresses for changes in listing status, alerting users to properties that have been recently listed, placed under contract or sold.

Mortgage Servicers can leverage Active Listing Scan daily, weekly or monthly on a current customer portfolio to develop a targeted retention strategy to mitigate portfolio runoff.
Allowance for Loan and Lease Losses (ALLL)
Utilizes proprietary methodology to combine credit, mortgage lien data and collateral valuation to address portfolio segmentation guidelines.

The solution can be used for:
- Portfolio reviews for capital allowance
- Compliance with ALLL, CCAR, Basel III and other regulations
- Acquisitions and mergers
- Marketing and cross-sell opportunities
Customer Portfolio Review and Portfolio ID Advantage
Appends data to an existing portfolio to help Mortgage Servicers understand the following:
- Current mix of customers to show risk distribution
- Customer segment
- Changes of vintages since booking
- Growth opportunities
Lost Sales Analysis
Produces predictive consumer insights that Mortgage Servicers need in order to adjust strategy, offers and terms to help retain and cross-sell to more quality borrowers.

With public record property data, we help you understand:
- Where retention marketing leads ended up
- The loan terms associated with a competing loan
- Why approved applicants were not closed
- Why existing customers were lost
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